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Progress on cybersecurity guidelines in U.S. but key challenges remain
Progress is being made on the development of smart grid cybersecurity guidelines in the U.S. by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), but several key challenges remain to be addressed, according to a report from the nation’s Government Accountability Office.

New prepay electricity service launched in Ireland
Secure Meters and Irish prepay electricity company have concluded an agreement to offer on the Irish market a prepay electricity service similar to those offered in the mobile telephone market.

Smart metering and prepayment for Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka’s power and energy ministry plans to introduce a smart metering system, with prepayment in selected areas, according to local press reports.

BC Hydro sets out AMI business plan
BC Hydro’s smart metering program business case shows that the benefits exceed the cost by CA$520 million (US$525 million) in today’s dollars.

Aran Islands move into fast lane with electric vehicle pilot
A pilot project has been launched on the Aran Islands involving 24 households to demonstrate the smart grid technologies needed to transfer and store wind energy in electric vehicles.

Duke Energy and ENN Group to collaborate on green cities development
Duke Energy and the China-based ENN Group have announced an agreement to collaborate on the development of technologies to help build “green cities” in China and the United States.

npower and Flexitricity launch smart grid power reserve solution for businesses
U.K. utility npower and storage provider Flexitricity have joined forces to launch the SmartSTOR service which will enable businesses to realize economic value – in some cases more than £100,000 per year – from standby generators and electricity consuming equipment.

OEB to establish group to provide guidance for Ontario smart grid
The Ontario Energy Board (OEB) is initiating its smart grid consultation with a call for participation on a Smart Grid Working Group (SGWG), which will provide advice on the development of a smart grid in Ontario.


OPINION PIECE: Smart grids – the relevance for Indian utilities
Vikram Gandotra
When one thinks of Indian power utilities the picture a layman has is that most are inefficient and unfriendly to the consumer. However, this is because the layman sees the distribution utility and in reality the situation is much better for the generation and transmission sectors.

WHITE PAPER: Oracle - Smart Grid Basics
The Smart Grid is a vision of a better electricity delivery infrastructure. Smart Grid implementations dramatically increase the quantity, quality and use of data available from advanced sensing, computing and communications hardware and software. As a result, they help utilities address two of today's most important business drivers: environmental concerns and power delivery constraints and disturbances.

Event Updates

Smart Energy India focuses on India’s commitment to the smart grid and renewable energy
Enabling India to implement the smart grid and embrace renewable energy is at the top of the agenda at the upcoming Smart Energy India conference and exhibition which takes place in New Delhi from February 1-2.

Norway to define smart metering regulation
The Nordic region leads the way in smart metering deployment. With near full roll-out expected by 2014 in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark, attention now shifts to the future requirements of smart metering infrastructure.

30+ international utility cases and more at Transmission & Distribution/Smart Grids Europe 2011
European industry experts assemble at Transmission & Distribution/Smart Grids Europe 2011 taking place on 12-14 April in Copenhagen.