U.S. smart grid costs could reach $476 billion with benefits up to $2 trillion
The costs to implement a fully functional smart grid in the U.S. range from $338 billion to $476 billion but can result in benefits between $1.3 trillion and $2 trillion, according to a new study from the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI).

Smart grid research project launched in Netherlands
The Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica (CWI) in Amsterdam and Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e), in collaboration with KEMA, are to launch a research project on the automatic optimization of capacity planning of electricity networks.

Toyota and Microsoft to partner on next generation telematics for electric vehicles
Toyota and Microsoft have formed a partnership to build a global platform for the motor company’s next generation telematics services for deployment in electric vehicles using the Windows Azure platform.

Widespread deployment of smart grids critical for clean energy future
The widespread deployment of smart grids is critical for a secure, cost effective and clean energy future, according to the International Energy Agency’s newly released "Smart Grids Technology Roadmap."

Energy retailers perspective on the deployment of smart grids in Europe
Customers and their main contact point, the energy retailers, have a unique opportunity, technologically as well as economically, to advance the efficient development of the smart grid throughout Europe’s competitive energy markets and major changes in this emerging energy landscape, with new technologies already available or soon expected on the market, will open up new possibilities within the retailer-consumer relationship.

H5000 Woltmann turbine water meter wins European approval
The Slovak Institute of Metrology has approved Elster’s next generation H5000 Woltmann turbine bulk water meter in accordance with European Measuring Instruments Directive 2004/22/EC, the company has announced.

TEC to offer Texas Utilities Tantalus smart grid solutions
Texas Electric Cooperatives (TEC) has entered into an alliance with Tantalus to offer the TUNet® (Tantalus Utility Network) smart grid communications technology to electric cooperatives and municipal utilities throughout Texas.

Water meter rollout starts in southern Tasmania
The controversial rollout of water meters across Southern Tasmania commenced yesterday, with every unmetered property to receive a water meter with automated meter reading (AMR) technology.


Silicon Labs: Top Design Considerations for Low-Power Metering Applications
As green energy management becomes a global imperative, the idea of implementing intelligent systems and wireless technology to more efficiently use energy and other natural resources has become a pervasive reality. It began with a relatively simple idea. If you add embedded intelligence and a communications link to a traditional metering device, you have the ability to remotely access the data that the smart meter has collected.

Interview: Customer centric water supply and billing at City of Houston
Our vision is to become the customer centric billing arm of the City of Houston’s Public Works and Engineering water utility, and we want to assist the integration of data points from across the Department to create a cradle to grave view of all parcels in the city, says Tommy McClung, Deputy Assistant Director of the City’s Public Works and Engineering.

Event Updates

Last chance to register for Transmission & Distribution/Smart Grids Europe in Copenhagen!
Pressure is mounting across Europe to upgrade the entire network to meet increasing demands and carbon emission targets. It is paramount to understand exactly how the European electricity supply industry needs to remodel the power supply system to store and transport renewable power and integrate new intelligent energy applications.

Your smart metering future starts at Smart Metering Central & Eastern Europe 2011
Across Central Eastern Europe utilities and regional solution suppliers are busy planning large investment smart metering deployment. It is an important, timely and a hugely complex operation. Best practice case studies are key to your success.

UK Smart Metering Implementation programme released
Exciting times for the GB smart metering sector with the release from DECC of the ‘Smart Metering Implementation Programme - Response to Prospectus Consultation’! DECC will expand on deployment strategies for this £11 billion investment in detail at our upcoming Smart Metering UK and Ireland Conference (2 & 3 June, London), which will tackle all the critical issues facing the deployment of smart metering in GB.

Will smart meters be THE backbone to hit Europe’s 2020 energy efficiency targets?
The European Commission estimates that the EU is on course to achieve only half of the 20% objective and as a result the EU needs to act now to get on track to achieve its target!

More accurate settlement with smart meters could lead to £50 million saving in U.K., study finds
Using more modern, advanced electricity meters to make electricity settlement more accurate in Britain, savings of more than £50 million over the next five years are possible, the nation’s balancing and settlement services provider ELEXON has found.

PG&E proposes a smart meter opt-out option
Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) has come up with a plan to give customers a smart meter opt-out option by having the radios in their smart meters turned off and being required to pay the costs of having their meters read manually.

Grid Friendly™ appliance controller licensed for market development
A non-exclusive license has been granted by Battelle to start-up technology firm Encryptor of Plano, TX for a technology that will help soften the blow for utilities during times of peak demand on the grid by temporarily shifting when smart appliances use power.

Ofgem proposes overhaul of U.K. energy market to benefit consumers
Britain’s regulator Ofgem has proposed sweeping changes to the energy market on the back of a finding that competition is being stifled by a combination of tariff complexity, poor supplier behavior, and lack of transparency.

Ontario engineers propose 'smart' time-of-use tariffs for smart meters
The Ontario Society of Professional Engineers (OSPE) has put forward a proposal to the Ontario Energy Board (OEB) to use smart meter data in a smart way to set electricity prices for time-of-use regulated price plan (TOU-RPP) customers.

Smart grids key to Europe’s low carbon economy
Investment in smart grids is a key enabler for a low carbon electricity system, notably facilitating demand side efficiency, larger shares of renewables and distributed generation, and enabling electrification of transport, and as such will play a key role in achieving a low carbon economy in Europe.

Wasion and EMS sign framework cooperation agreement
Wasion Group Holdings Limited and Energy Management System Co., Ltd have signed a framework cooperation agreement on smart water metering products and water resources management.

Monterey medic reports on smart meter safety
The Monterey County Health Department has become the latest to review the health issues related to smart metering, concluding that exposure to RF energy from smart meters should be less than that experienced by routine mobile or cell phone use.

UK utility challenges to be discussed in April
The impact of the recently proposed electricity markets reform in the UK will form an important part of the high-level discussions at the upcoming Transmission & Distribution Europe and Smart Grids Europe conference and exhibition from 12-14 April in Copenhagen, Denmark. Utility experts, regulators and technology giants from all over Europe and further afield will meet at what is the leading utility forum on the continent.

Attend Transmission & Distribution/Smart Grids Europe 2011 to maximise your ROI on your valuable time out of office!
Transmission & Distribution/Smart Grids Europe boasts the biggest concentration of strategic electricity professionals under one roof. Once registered for the conference, you can pre-schedule your meetings using our virtual meeting tool to guarantee you’ll meet those contacts.

Recognizing Innovation, Business Case Excellence, and Customer Service Excellence in the North American Utility Industry
As part of Metering International’s global series of Excellence Awards, we are proud to announce the 2011 Metering International Excellence awards for the North American utility sector.

Poland sets the pace, as smart metering charges ahead in the CEE region
Large scale implementation projects beginning across Poland illustrates a clear commitment to smart metering and smart grid across the region. With ENERGA – OPERATOR SA planning to introduce AMI across their entire service region, and deliver smart metering to 2.8 million customers by 2017, the market is moving and rapidly.

DECC insights from Richard Leyland outlining the mobilization of phase 2 of UK’s smart meter deployment programme
With upcoming government announcements on smart metering deployment in the UK and notable progress in Ireland, Smart Metering UK and Ireland returns for 2011 more timely than ever. 2011 WILL BE CRUNCH TIME!