Around the world, utilities are under pressure. Citizens demand energy and water that don't undermine environmental quality. Regulators seek action on smart grid and smart metering initiatives that add intelligence to infrastructure. Customers seek choice and convenience—but without additional costs.

Whether your utility is looking for a stand-alone application to solve a business problem, or a portfolio of solutions to address your entire initiative, Oracle is ready to partner with you today on your smart grid journey.

Oracle Utilities’ thought leadership team is pleased to offer various white papers that discuss the different aspects of smart grid, whether that is smart metering or customer information systems.

Smart Grid Basics: Turning Information into Power

The Smart Grid is a vision of a better electricity delivery infrastructure. Smart Grid implementations dramatically increase the quantity, quality, and use of data available from advanced sensing, computing, and communications hardware and software. As a result, they help utilities address two of today’s most important business drivers: environmental concerns and power delivery constraints and disturbances. This white paper outlines the various ways effective use of Smart Grid technologies help utilities, click here to download

The Benefits of Smart Grid Software

Smart Grids help electric utilities respond to a variety of emerging customer and community needs. Utilities that implement them can defer major capital infrastructure requirements, improve utility asset management, ensure utility and customer compliance, improve customer service and much more.  This white paper explains the role utility business software plays in maximizing these benefits while minimizing overall costs, click here to download.

Smart Grids: Strategic Planning and Development

Smart Grids help utilities respond to a variety of emerging customer and community needs. But utilities may miss many of the benefits if they regard Smart Grids as primarily evolutionary steps in consumption measurement and grid monitoring. The Smart Grid is, in fact, an information revolution with implications for virtually every utility department and function as well as every customer. Utilities that permit just one or two departments to control Smart Grid design almost invariably discover that projects fail to provide optimal return on investment. This white paper explores the idea that without strategic executive leadership and involvement of all departments, utilities embarking on Smart Grid projects risk near-term revenue loss, less-than-optimal service delivery, and long-term excessive IT costs that customers and communities may not tolerate, click here to download.

Smart Metering for Electric and Gas Utilities

Should utilities replace current consumption meters with “Smart Metering” systems that provide more information to both utilities and customers? Many utilities today are evaluating the potential benefits of Smart Metering for all utility stakeholders. This white paper provides a checklist of those benefits and discusses a number of issues utilities must consider as they move toward Smart Metering implementation, click here to download.

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