French government calls for proposals for smart grid initiatives
The French government has issued a call for expressions of interest in smart grid projects, with funding of €250 million ($364 million) being made available for this purpose.

SDG&E outlines smart grid plan
San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) has filed a plan outlining its smart grid vision and providing a roadmap for how San Diego's electricity grid will develop over the next decade and empower the utility’s customers with the latest technology and service choices.

Scottish and Southern Energy smart meter trial shows 10 percent saving for three consecutive months
A trial by Scottish and Southern Energy (SSE) in the community of North Leigh, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom, has shown a reduction in energy consumption by 10 percent over three consecutive months.

Hydro-Québec joins EPRI smart grid demonstration
Hydro-Québec’s smart grid project has joined EPRI’s Smart Grid Demonstration Initiative as its 12th large scale demonstration site.

Smart grid scorecard for California utilities released by Environmental Defense Fund
The Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) has released a framework against which California’s smart grid deployment plans can be critically evaluated.

Review of Victoria’s AMI program launched
Victoria’s Department of Treasury and Finance (DTF) has launched a review of the state’s advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) program, which will form input into a decision on the continuation or otherwise of the program.

Smart Grid Forum announces utilities and communications working groups
The Smart Grid Forum, which focuses on the role of next generation networks and applications in the development of smart grids, has established working groups in the areas of security, infrastructure and network management, green energy, applications development, business intelligence, and advanced metering infrastructure (AMI).

GE and Sensus collaborate on new C&I meter
GE and Sensus are collaborating to manufacture and deliver commercial and industrial (C&I) electricity metering technology as part of a new international collaboration between the two companies.


The Smart Energy Canada Report
The inaugural issue of The Smart Energy Canada Report, a new publication from Spintelligent. The Smart Energy Canada report is a unique publication: it is both on overview of our recently completed Smart Energy Canada Conference and Canadian Water Meter Summit, as well as a thought leadership platform for some interesting ideas from industry leaders that have contributed to the Report.

Detailed Design and Test Data for a Flexible Solar Array Controller
The NCP1294 is a flexible solution used in Module Level Power Management (MLPM) solutions. This application note describes its use as a solar array controller with functionality for managing maximum peak power tracking (MPPT) and battery charging.

Event Updates

The countdown has begun! What needs to happen to hit the 2020 targets?
As you know these are exciting times for our industry. With the European Commission estimating that the EU is on course to achieve only half of the 20% primary energy consumption savings objective, the next 2 years will be key to define your roll-out strategy to ensure that 80% of the customers will have a smart meter by 2020.

Top confirmations for Smart Homes 2011 – Register with maximum discount now!
Smart Homes 2011 will again be the collaborative forum for utilities, telecoms, appliance manufacturers and solution providers all looking to engage consumers to change energy usage and monetize into the home deployments. Speaking at smart homes 2011 will position your company and your project as the industry benchmark for performance.