Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB)  25 years Electricity Technology Roadmap (TRM)  has been developed with a aim of modernising electricity supply industry in Malaysia.

The TRM focuses on 4 main goals which are (a) Reliable and efficient delivery system (b) Intelligent power-delivery systems (c) Value-added electricity products and services (d) Enhanced environmental management.

The TRM specifies several milestones:
2015 - Robust & resilient power delivery system and enhanced electricity products & services
2020 - Smart & intelligent electricity delivery management
2030 - Breakthrough energy conversion technologies & sustainable development

TNB Smart Grid was embarked on November 2009. TNB has decided to implement Smart Grid Test Systems as demonstration projects. Three sites (an industrial area, a commercial centre and a green field area) have been identified for Smart Grid Test Systems.

To drive the implementation of the smart grid test systems, the TNB Smart Grid Steering Committee was formed and chaired by the COO. The committee is made up of representatives from the Research, Transmission, Distribution, Corporate and ICT departments.

Prospects for smart partnerships and research opportunities include in the following areas:
ICT infrastructure: To identify and evaluate options for the last mile communication and information system and recommend suitable option for smart grid applications.
Control architecture: To evaluate centralised versus de-centralised architecture considering a nation wide smart grid applications.

If you are interested in establishing smart partnerships with TNB, then the 6th annual Transmission and Distribution Smart Grids Asia 2011 conference and exhibition is the place to be. The event is hosted by Metropolitan Electricity Authority, Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand, Provincial Electricity Authority and The Energy Regulatory Commission of Thailand. This regional event is attended by all the key utilities in the region like TNB.


Zaf Coelho
Project Manager
Transmission and Distribution Smart Grids Asia 2011

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The Transmission & Distribution Smart Grids Asia 2011 exhibition provides you with an unprecedented opportunity to showcase your products or services to a select group of industry buyers. Don't miss this exceptional opportunity to be part of this leading industry event that is helping to shape the future of the utility landscape in the region. By securing a sponsorship/exhibition space you will have the opportunity to establish close relationships with your target market, and optimally position your brand before and during the event.

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