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EVN chooses ADDAX IMS as economically efficient solution

for multi-resource metering in Bulgaria and for decreasing electricity losses in Macedonia


ADD Bulgaria, partner of ADD GRUP on Bulgarian market, has been recently awarded a contract for the supply of 45 000 single-phase and 1 200 three-phase ADDAX meters during 2012-2013. The devices belong to 7th series ADDAX IMS and are based on open standard DLMS/COSEM and S-FSK modulation for PLC communication.

Besides AMI for electricity, the project involves AMR for multi-utility metering available within the framework of a single system ADDAX IMS.

Due to the fact that ADD GRUP’s advanced metering infrastructure allows the integration of the meters from other manufacturers into the same system, EVN Bulgaria will benefit from having the data readings of electricity, heat and water in the same data management center, thus significantly reducing deployment, operational and maintenance costs.

The three-phase meters will be installed at 1 200 heating stations in Bulgaria. Each ADDAX meter, equipped with additional communication module, will be connected to a heat meter and two water meters via M-Bus and so, the ADDAX meters will serve not only for electricity reading, but also as gateways for displaying the consumption of water and heat.


Another tender recently won by ADD Bulgaria is for the supply of 21 000 ADDAX meters to EVN Macedonia within the next two years. The decision on this bid was also based on economic efficiency but unlike the first one, this project will be deployed in trouble areas of Macedonia, in the regions with a high rate of electricity pilferage and other types of power losses.

EVN Macedonia is going to minimize the non-technical losses using ADDAX anti-fraud protection and balance metering along with cutting down the operational costs for meter reading and data processing.


Considering the economic efficiency of these projects, a sharp increase of orders is expected for the years 2012-2014.” said Krasimir Kuzmov, Executive Director of ADD Bulgaria.


EVN is an Austrian utility company involved in energy generation, trade and supply, environmental services and other businesses. Its presence in twenty countries by having more than three million customers is shared with an established positioning in the energy industry in Bulgaria and Macedonia.

ADDAX IMS is a suite of hardware and software modules designed for an advanced management of electrical metering infrastructure. Being a self-sufficient system, it includes all necessary components to build a complete and efficient AMI solution and has a strategic orientation on energy efficiency.

ADD Bulgaria is part of ADD GRUP, a global key player in the intelligent metering market. It builds, provides, implements and commissioning systems for remote reading and demand-side management of energy resources for meeting the increasing demands of large utility companies.




FORTUM Estonia has chosen ADD GRUP

to deliver and install a complete AMI solution consisting of 25 000 Smart Electricity meters


Following a public procurement procedure, ADD GRUP has been awarded the contract for the delivery and implementation of an AMM (Automatic Meter Management) System to manage Fortum’s network customers in Estonia which currently corresponds to approximately 25 000 metering points. The mass roll out is scheduled to occur in the period 2012-2016.

ADD GRUP will deliver a complete solution: smart meters, communication infrastructure and data collection software. The offered solution consists of latest “ADDAX technology” meters, which use DLMS/COSEM open communication protocols based on S-FSK modulation, enabling interoperability and higher data transmission rates. The communication used is LV PLC (Power Line Communication) between the meters and the concentrators, and GSM/GPRS between the concentrators and the Data Center. Also there are meters equipped with a GPRS modem for a direct, point-to-point connection with the Data Center.

As mentioned by Vladimir Beldjajev, Fortum Elekter AMM Project Manager: “The main factors that determined the choice were the price/value ratio, the diversity of technical solutions and low operational costs. What differentiates ADDAX IMS from other AMM systems is its enhanced anti-noise stability, as well as the possibility to use Medium Voltage power lines for data transmission. The usage of open protocols for communication between devices enables reduction of risks related to the dependence on one particular supplier. I would like to emphasize ADD GRUP’s flexibility and readiness to offer a system that would perfectly suit the desires of the customer. ADDAX IMS software will be further customized, according to our requirements, and integrated into the billing system.”


With regards to the Estonian electricity market, Elena Turanskaya, Executive Director of ADD GRUP  said that: “Estonian Utilities committed themselves to the AMI deployment, proving to be one of the most dynamic European markets for Smart Metering. Fortum, VKG and Loo Elekter are three Estonian utility companies that have already installed more than 20 000 ADDAX Smart electricity meters. Our customers in Estonia take advantage of the demonstrated reliability and efficiency of the ADDAX IMS suite. The award of this contract is the result of our hand-on collaboration with Estonian utilities in order to meet the demand for a highly effective, open and economically efficient AMI solution customized for local market requirements.”


Fortum is a leading energy company in the Nordic countries and the Baltic Rim area. Its business is the generation, distribution and sale of electricity and heat as well as the operation and maintenance of power plants.





ADD GRUP develops powerful solutions which enable full control and management of the metering infrastructure, working with latest communication technologies such as LV and MV PLC, RF, GSM, GPRS, and ETHERNET. ADD GRUP solutions help utilities create a reliable platform for cooperation with their customers and suppliers.