Understand key success factors for smart grid deployments using cellular communications
Tuesday, February 14, 11am - 12pm (CET)

Join Göran Näslund of Vodafone M2M and Olivier Beaujard of Sierra Wireless who will provide insight into key considerations for utility organizations looking to: (i) learn about products and services that enable customers to reduce complexity and cost of large deployments; (ii) successfully integrate cellular connectivity to support long term rollouts; (iii) understand critical success factors for energy deployments

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012,
11am - 12pm CET

Göran Näslund
Global Business Development Manager Utilities, Vodafone M2M
Olivier Beaujard
Vice-President Market Development, Sierra Wireless

About Vodafone Machine to Machine (M2M) communications
Vodafone Machine to Machine connects previously isolated machines or devices wirelessly to the internet delivering new functionality and enhanced services without the need for human intervention. M2M technology makes common appliances more intelligent by enabling them to feed useful data back to the service provider or manufacturer to achieve a better customer experience. Supported by 20 years’ experience and 150 dedicated staff, Vodafone’s global M2M platform makes it easy for businesses to centrally manage M2M deployments across multiple territories, with greater control and at a lower cost than previously possible. Vodafone’s M2M solutions operate principally in the utilities, automotive, logistics, and remote maintenance and security sectors. Please visit: http://m2m.vodafone.com/home/

About Sierra Wireless
Sierra Wireless (NASDAQ: SWIR – TSX: SW) is expanding the wireless world with a comprehensive offering of hardware, software, and connected services for mobile lifestyles and machine-to-machine communications. Our customers count on us to help them succeed with early access to new wireless technologies and innovative, reliable, high-performing solutions for a broad range of applications. For more information about Sierra Wireless, visit www.sierrawireless.com.