As a subscriber to Metering International I’m sure you are always keen to keep on top of all the latest smart metering, smart grid and AMI developments taking place.

This is why I think you will be interested in our sister event, Metering America, which has been the live embodiment of our magazine since its launch 13 years ago.

Taking place in San Diego, March 12-14th, the event is like bringing Metering International to life, with exhibits of all the latest and greatest products available for the market, and in-depth sessions covering both technical and strategic aspects of smart meter rollouts, AMI deployments and smart grid developments.

Speakers include:

Of course it is not only about meeting the speakers, but fellow Metering International readers too, in a perfect networking environment to build connections beyond the pages of our magazine.  With many extended coffee and lunch breaks, the Howard Scott Exhibition Tour and a great Awards reception on the Tuesday evening…you can’t fail to meet inspiring peers and new industry partners. To view all the highlights view the brochure.

A special offer for our utility subscribers

For any of our utility readers we have a fantastic offer running – any utility employee who books this week (by February 10th) will get a 30% discount off their registration cost with our unique code: MIFEB10.

Register now

Or, if you’d like to obtain a free pass and you work in Field Operations Management, Smart Metering Development or Customer Relations/Revenue Protection related departments, email to ask about joining one of the event Advisory Boards taking place.  All advisory board participants will receive a free pass.

We look forward to seeing you at the flagship metering and AMI event in North America.


Jonathan Spencer Jones
Metering International